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The last thing you want is bland content that doesn't tell your story and won't help customers find you on Google.

Content is a powerful marketing tool. When a potential client visits your website, they are looking to see if you can solve their problem or deliver them the aspirations they have for their home and family.

They want to see why you are unique.

You can accomplish this with the content on your website, which needs to accomplish two things:

  1. It needs to emphasize your unique brand.
  2. Provide value so your biggest fans will tell their friend.

I want to learn your business, your ideal customer, and your long-term goals and create a marketing strategy to help you reach them. Let’s chat and see how we can collaborate.

The trouble is that creating content is time-consuming. Plus, when working with outside consultants or freelancers, it is rare to find someone with inside knowledge about the landscaping and service industry. This leads to delayed publishing and impacting your business in the busy season.

My Promise

Working together, we can develop a content marketing flow that will be special to your business, using your vocabulary, and directly targeting your ideal customer.

After working for nearly 20 years with service industry professionals, I know how to write blogs, web pages, and web content that leads to more prospects calling, while being able to deliver technically correct information.

In my time in the landscaping industry, I received my irrigator license, pesticide applicator license, and served on the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals. Outside of the landscape industry, I am also trained in pavers and retaining walls and able to translate the researching ability across multiple trades.

I speak your language.

Get Started

Book an appointment so we can discuss how to improve your search engine results, increase referrals, and deliver your brand message across all your digital channels.

Before we begin, have ready:

  • A couple of examples of some of your current content on either your website or your newsletter (if you have one).
  • What your website is built with. This could be Drupal, WordPress, or custom-built.
  • A few sentences of what you think your brand is to your customers.


I’m flexible! We can do any of these on a contract or individually:

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Email newsletters
  • Company information web pages
  • Inbound marketing and lead generation landing pages
  • Content marketing strategy and consulting

I can also work with you to audit your existing content and make recommendations. I can work with your web host or I.T. support to fix or upgrade sections on your website to make it more user friendly and intuitive to your customers.

Since I speak your language, I can translate what is important for your business to the technical support for your website.

Get inspired

Discover the insights and tactics that are currently happening in digital marketing.

Book a chat

We can connect over the phone, video chat, or in-person.


Find me on social media and join the conversation.

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