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A solid marketing strategy will keep new customers contacting you while keeping your existing clients happy, willing to refer you to others.

Every business needs a plan to find new prospects, convert them to customers, and keep them around for a long time. Traditionally this is a marketing strategy and its purpose is to grow awareness around your business and your brand. Most businesses have a vision of what they do for each of these steps but don’t have anything down on paper. 

Many marketing professionals make this process over-complicated, bloated, and confusing. This deters most people from starting because it feels so overwhelming. Instead, many turn to YouTube or blogs to create one on their own. Going this route often means you are copying a marketing strategy, attempting to tweak it for your business. This always leads to poor results. 

When copying someone else, you become a pale imitation of the original.  

I want to learn your business, your ideal customer, and your long-term goals and create a marketing strategy to help you reach them. Let’s chat and see how we can collaborate.

A true digital marketing program

The best marketing plan is a simple, straightforward document that everyone that works for the company understands. When the entire company has total clarity in a simple to understand document, your chance for success is significantly higher.

In addition to a marketing strategy, every business needs a go-to-market strategy. This document shows how your product and market fit together for the ideal customer. It is not just about finding new customers but converting them with your unique product.

Voice, video, or chat we can collaborate on planning and consulting.

I can work with you to develop these plans. My services include:

  • Full digital footprint audit and evaluation, along with recommendations.
  • Consulting on your existing marketing plans.
  • Webinars, digital classes, and online education for all things digital marketing.
  • Lead you and your team in developing a full marketing strategy. 
  • Go-to-market strategy development.

A solid marketing strategy will keep new customers contacting you while keeping your existing clients happy, willing to refer you to others. It is a critical step in establishing your business for the long-term. This plan needs to be unique to your business, clientele, and vision. 

Get in contact with me by booking an appointment and see how working with a digital marketing consultant can increase your marketing effectiveness, stop wasting money on poor campaigns, and convert more prospects to customers.

I’m flexible! We can work out plans that include frequent, regular meetings as well as being embedded in your company. Or, on as an as-needed basis as a professional review on your plans before they launch. 

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