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Authentic Marketing in Hard Times | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #28

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for March 30 - April 3, 2020

With everything that’s happening, a lot of companies are cutting back efforts for PPC, social media ads, and content marketing in general. I get it, its tough to find a message to send and even harder to find the reason to pay for ads while everyone is struggling.

This doesn’t mean we should stop, though. Deliver authentic, human-based messages on social, keep sending valuable info via email and keep working on your content. What is happening now will pass, focus on your customers and their needs.

Reducing digital marketing due to COVID-19? Read this first

I know its hard, keep going anyway

I love the headline to this blog from Rand Fishkin. Marketing is very fucking hard right now. Between delivering the right message, balancing the ask versus value, while still being authentic to the current world situation is hard. Unfortunately, its not going to get any easier any time soon.

I keep thinking about this quote from the blog:

“I’m truly scared for the next 6 months. But I’m also genuinely optimistic about the years after. Economic pain is inevitable. Yet survival and even growth are possible in the coming environment.”

If you’re struggling to find a right way to market, focus on what would help. Don’t worry about closing loops or pushing down the funnel or conversion rates. Just help people.

Then, when things look like they’re starting to return to normal, learn how your customers or your customers customers have changed. We’re venturing into a new world, understand the new challenges and in their will be your answers.

Marketing Right Now Is #$%*ing Hard. | SparkToro

Sometimes, always, there’s a silver lining

The acceptance of video conferencing has had side effects many won’t become evident for years. I can attest to at least one.

I’ve been hard of hearing since I was a teen. I got hearing aids, things got better, but they’re not perfect. Without them I’m essentially deaf, yet I still have a terrible time understanding what is said. This is a part of hearing aids people don’t often talk about. Hearing aids amplify everything – lights, the road, the person pushing a cart, the conversation down the hall – everything is amplified the same. The world is overwhelming with them.

But in video chat, I can adjust the audio just for me. I can wear headphones, I can turn on subtitles, I can send chat messages instead of trying to have a conversation in a noisy hallway. My hearing life is so much better thanks to remote work.

Some would say I’m working with a disability. I say its my super power. I’ve learned to read a room, a persons mannerisms and posture to understand the situation without knowing what is being said. Now, I can have that super power along with hearing and knowing the actual words. I’m thankful for remote work and the technology that is making my life better right now.

I know there’s a lot of disruption right now, yet there’s silver linings in everything. Sometimes our actions, totally on accident, helps make someone else’s day better.

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Things are flipped upside down | Get Better Friday

About 6 weeks ago I had a plan. There was this far off goal and I knew all the steps it was going to take to get there. I mapped all those steps out, I set meetings, I made grand announcements and firmly staked my claim. This was gonna happen come hell or high water.

Then the last 6 weeks happened.

Now, what felt so sure, so solid and real, is all out the window. Instead I’m fumbling around looking for one thing…

Stability. Foundation.

This is what we’re all after right now. I really want someone to tell me where I am, which direction I’m pointed and what’s at the other end. The problem is no one can do that. No one knows what to expect at the end of this thing or how long its going to last. We are all guessing. And that makes it impossible to not only get stability for yourself, but also your team.

Remember we are all in this together. Its okay to need breaks and take breaks, its okay to sleep late or go to bed early, its okay to spend a whole day doing nothing. The thing we all need the most is permission. I’m giving you permission to embrace your feelings, recognize and acknowledge them. The video below gives a great breakdown on how you can help in your community and the people doing the most amazing work and saving lives.

You can also start this with the people closest to you, both in your own home and working on your team. Ask…

Where do you want me? What do you need?

No matter how small, we all need a little stability.

You Can Help! – Movies with Mikey – YouTube

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