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B2B Lead Generation, Email Cliches, and ROI – OH MY | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #8

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for October 21 - 25, 2019

This week I’ve had several conversations with employees and coworkers about our team structure, happiness and getting enjoyment from our work. For the most part people want to know why their work matters. Why do they get up everyday and spend an inordinate amount of time tolerating office life.

If you feel like your work doesn’t matter that could translate to feeling like you don’t matter. As someone in middle management, I know this feeling all too well. Often as mid-managers, we sacrifice ourselves to shield our team from unnecessary work or criticism while always pushing to help them achieve their career goals all while making sure we’re following the companies directive and vision.

It reminded me of this blog from Darius Foroux:

“Most of our unhappiness comes from believing that no one cares. It’s easy to feel irrelevant in a crowded world. You wake up, go to work, get back, and watch TV until you fall asleep. You’re just going through the motions.

You forget what your actual job is: To make yourself useful. What’s the alternative? Give up? Drink a glass of scotch and say that the world is messed up? Come on — life’s not an Ernest Hemingway novel.

You’ve got to believe that your work matters. Why? Because it does.”

To everyone reading this – You matter. You’re doing great work. Keep going, I believe in you.

Having the ROI Discussion

A constant battle in marketing departments is proving the ROI on digital. For people outside of digital marketing, specifically decision makers on Executive teams or in the C-Suite, want a direct path from digital channels to sales. This often leads to poor metric measurement and too much emphasis on last click attribution.

Any digital marketer will tell you that its a long game. There are no quick tricks or hacks. Social community building, SEO, keywording and link building all take a long time. In addition, brand matters and sacrificing brand for sales will come back to haunt you.

How do you talk to your decision makers about the slow churn of digital marketing?

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Lead Generation: Do Your Tactics Match Your Strategy?

We have so many tools at our disposal to make content and get it in front of people. The question, is it the RIGHT people? As always its not a single tactic that gets the job done, but how all the tactics come together into your strategy.

This article is heavy on advertising. But I would ask, “How much value are you bringing to your prospects?”

Paying to be seen is expensive. Unless you’re a D2C brand, building a relationship with your prospects and showing them the value you can bring is crucial. In B2B, you have no choice. Stop paying to be seen and start giving value.

10 Expert-Approved B2B Lead Generation Strategies

If You Sell SaaS, This One’s for You

I share this one for all the people selling SaaS in my inbox. I can probably every one of these examples from emails sent today, all from people who are scraping info from LinkedIn.

Stop. Please.

If you’re cold selling via email, you need to show me why you’re valuable. All your little tricks just to get me to open your email will always give you short term gain in exchange for long term success.

B2B Email Cliches That Make You Look Like a Beginner

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