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Defining Good Content | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #14

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for December 2 - 6, 2019

One of the hardest parts of being a marketer is trying to provide great content while also appeasing everyone asking about ROI. We know our work doesn’t always have a direct route to sales, instead we’re creating a journey.

However, all this week I’ve been thinking about “good content”. What does that mean? Do we define good content the same way our customers do?

Here are some ideas on how we can get closer to bridging that gap.

Would you read your emails?

I really enjoyed this short talk & I wish not just indie music artists, but all marketers stopped to ask,

“Why should they care?”

Just because you, as the marketer, put effort into a piece doesn’t mean others will care about it. Something being on sale isn’t value. Getting an exclusive isn’t value. Everyone’s attention is being pulled in a thousand directions at any time.

Would you stop to watch/read/listen to your content?

Then why would your customer.

David Adcock on Attracting Audiences to Your New Music

Define Good Content

Seriously, how do you define good content? Write up a couple of sentences on what you think good content is. Now ask other people on your team or in marketing. I bet none of them are the same. Some are to answer the users intent. Others to increase brand. Probably a few that “increases conversions”.

Good content not only addresses your customers directly, but also fits in their buying journey. It’s short, long, text-based, video, and audio. Churning out content just to publish new content is wrong and a waste of your time and money.

One of the biggest obstacles you have to overcome is to get over your technical debt. Yes its bad. But replatforming or onboarding that new tool won’t fix your content problems. Good content that gives your customer more value than you get in return is the measure of your true worth.

It’s Not Enough to “Write Content. You Need to Publish Resources

Why to not keep score

There are so many great resources out there. I’ve been railing about providing value, well this is what it looks like. Webinars from professionals, easily viewed, saved and added to your calendar while asking almost nothing in return.

Earlier in the day I visited another website that offers a similar service. But, it was behind a login and a form. It was clearly lead generation and the site was thinking about their benefit before the users. Not only was it obvious from the beginning, but when I got to the content on this other site, it was a huge letdown after jumping through so many hoops.

What do people think when they know you’re keeping score?

Tutorial Tuesdays by Copyhackers

What if I was Successful? | Get Better Friday

Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking a lot about objectives, goals and tactics. One of the ways you can identify your objectives is to think about what you would be proud to say you’ve accomplished a year from today. Another way would be to ask yourself the question,

“What if I was successful?”


“What does success look like for me?”

Sometimes we have all these ideas in our head, but are unsure about the ultimate goal we’re trying to accomplish. Pick one of these ideas and ask these questions, you’ll be surprised at how many gaps you can fill in just a short conversation with yourself.

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