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Getting Local With Your Distribution | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #9

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for October 28 to November 1, 2019

Its officially the silly season for marketing. Months of planning now comes down to execution. We constantly measure the noise and review our content to make sure we’re not just adding more to an already loud world. Well, starting today the world is about to get real noisy.

This is a reminder that there’s no shortcuts… No hacks or tricks or 10 ways to increase your traffic OVERNIGHT!. The holiday season is the great leveler. If you did your work, created value and genuinely want the customer to win, you should have no problems this season.

Its not just the holiday season, this is just the beginning.

Get Your Audit On

In B2C or D2C you can get away with not a having local SEO strategy. But in B2B, where your customers depend on you to get their work done and having their parts nearby, its inexcusable in 2020.

Make it mobile, make it easy, make it clear. Spending the time on local SEO will make that interaction at the yard/store/warehouse so much easier, which is conversions and we can all use a little more of those.

A 50-Point Audit for Getting Started with Local SEO

The Secret to Good Distribution

Publishing to your blog with great on page SEO, targeted at your keywords and the best research doesn’t always lead to clicks. Salespeople know that to close a deal you need to ask for the sale. In marketing, we need to ask people to read. That’s where distribution and sharing lives.

To be effective in distribution you need to focus on the channels that drive clicks while also targeting what your competition does not. In B2B we always take the safe route, just blog and post it to trade organizations. But what if you built a Reddit strategy? What if you published videos to TikTok.

What if…?

Why & how brands should adopt content distribution processes in their marketing mix

Brands Mean More to More People

I get so frustrated with B2B marketers at times. We always (always) say, “We need to focus on building the brand.” Saying this means we do so much brand building without ever asking for the user to take an action, make a purchase or even engage with us. What if your customers know your brand, but don’t know what value you can offer?

In my mind the exchange goes like this:

Brand: We’re the biggest supplier of in the industry.
Customer: Okay, what does that mean to me?
Brand: We’re the biggest.
Customer: Sure. How does that help my busi…

2020 B2B Content Marketing: What the Successful Do

To be Truly Remarkable

Being in digital marketing isn’t just a single skillset. In this blog, Tomas Pueyo makes a good point in stacking your skills to be something remarkable. Focusing all your effort into a single skill can work for some people, for others its okay to be good at many that when combined makes you a real powerhouse.

The real work is finding those overlapping skills. Do you really need to know Javascript? Server management? Maybe. That’s up to you and where you want to go. Often we beat our head against the wall trying to be the best at SEO, then hard-pivoting to social or content or video. You don’t need to be the best at one thing to be remarkable.

A quote from Tomas:

“It’s not about being great at any one thing — you just need to be pretty good at an array of useful skills that, when combined, make you truly one of a kind.”

How to Become the Best in the World at Something

Check Your Ego At The Door | Get Better Friday

In this week’s GBF I discuss what we, as leaders, need to do to create a safe, comfortable, enjoyable work environment for our team. As a leader, feedback is key to getting better. In the last 60 days of the year, a lot of people will be conducting reviews and giving feedback for 2019. To get proper feedback from your team, you need to check your ego before you sit down to chat.

Its not about you, its all about them. Don’t ask “Do you think I’m a good manager for you?”. That kind of closed-ended question will only give you poor, one-word feedback that is designed to stroke your ego. What’s the other person to say but “of course, boss.”

I also want to encourage you to embrace conversations about feelings. A lot of people get awkward discussing feelings, but they’re critical to your teams success. If someone on your team is feeling underwater, anxious, stressed and nervous… What kind of work are they able to do? How long will they stay on your team? Don’t be afraid to talk about feelings, because our feelings are what make the perception and our perception is what makes our reality.

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