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Having Empathy and Giving Permission | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #10

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for November 4 - 8, 2019

The holiday season has officially begun and influencers are at max capacity schilling D2C wares on every app in your phone. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of B2C and D2C during this season, wanting to carryover to your B2B plans on 2020.

Our customers are different. They make decisions differently, we build relationships more slowly and that’s why we love being in this business. Selling a hot Christmas toy is okay. Now, selling to a business that helps their business grow, hire more people and make the community better – That’s the reason for our work. Don’t lose sight of the people you serve, they’re not numbers in analytics. We serve real people and that relationship is all that matters.

Can’t Buy Your Way Out of Problems

You can’t buy your way out of problems. That shiny new marketing tool won’t fix your culture problems. Increasing your headcount won’t fix your communication issues. But buying something is the easy way out and the easiest thing to blame when it doesn’t work. It’s the lazy way out.

Thinking you can buy your way out of problems will only exacerbate them. Fixing problems requires strategy. Planning. Discussions. It requires dozens of conversations, agreement on the issue and a shared vision for the solution. Solving team issues requires identifying bottlenecks and conflicts, being honest about your process and the work everyone is tasked with completing on a daily basis.

Throwing a new tool or service into a team that doesn’t have clarity on their mission and low trust will only make the problems worse. Tread carefully. Will onboarding Slack really fix your communication problems? I can guarantee its not the speed of your communication that’s the issue.

Give UX a satisfying chance

Optimizing content for crawlers is not easy. But, its way easier than providing value to users. That takes real skill to understand their intent and what their expectations are when coming to your site. Good UX combines great content with a UX that matches the users expectations while also making it clear to the user how they accomplish their task.

UX and SEO: a New Perspective on Winning at SEO

Building that emphathic relationship

In B2B we have a significant advantage over B2B – Our customer base is much more focused and its much easier to understand their needs. There’s lots of great quotes in this blog but none of them are more important than having empathy for your customer.

Content marketing doesn’t have to be top of funnel. Having empathy for your customers and truly providing value will nurture your base and help develop and maintain that relationship. Work with your sales team to better understand how you can build that relationship instead of always building awareness.

Creating B2B Content With Impact: Pearls of Wisdom from Marketing Leaders

The Power of Giving Permission | Get Better Friday

That thing you’ve been thinking about? I give you permission to do it, whatever it is. I believe in you, go after it.

This week’s message is very personal for me. I truly believe that anyone is capable of anything, from being a chart topping singer to a CEO of a Fortune 100 company. In order to get there we need 3 things:

  1. The desire, regardless of the amount of effort or barriers.
  2. A teacher to help you unlock that ability.
  3. Permission.

In this weeks Get Better Friday I explain this idea and how powerful permission is for you and how it can impact you as a leader.

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