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I Hate Sanitized Content | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #39

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for July 6 - 10, 2020

I’m trying something new with this newsletter. I believe I’ve been doing this backwards and now this newsletter will be my first priority, focusing in on better and longer content, instead of being a bunch of repurposed LinkedIn posts.

Originally this was a repository of all my social media posts. The idea was I schedule posts each Sunday in Hootsuite. Any good articles, hot takes or insights I would schedule them out to come out each day the following week. Then on Friday’s, I release my coaching video and all the social posts plus the video into a single newsletter. Basically, just re-purposing my social media content into a newsletter.

As the weeks went on, I wanted to bring more value to the newsletter. I started adding a couple of sections that were “newsletter only”. This has been okay, but still not great in my opinion.

There are three reasons why I create. First reason is this newsletter, the social media posts, and my coaching videos is to practice what I preach. If I’m telling other people or businesses how to market, I need to do the same. This also helps with advising others on those platforms.

Second, it gives me a reason to practice and hone my skills, while experimenting with new formats, platforms or tactics. Often I’ll have ideas for how a platform could be used or a change in a tactic. This is hard to immediately deploy on an established brand or business. Things take time, ideas need to be fleshed out, and risks need to be identified. However, the internet gives us an unlimited playground. Instead of depending on someone else’s approval, I have the opportunity to just do it for myself.

Third is, of course, personal branding. I can’t be tech guy or marketing guru if I don’t tell the world I’m those things. I always prefer to tell the world what I am instead of letting them come to their own conclusions.

With all that said, this is what’s next for the DC Marketing Mixer newsletter:

  • Reversing the order. This newsletter will be first, with exclusive content, and will come out before anything else is shared. Subscribers get it before anyone else can see it.
  • More information. I’m going to try to build it into four sections – SEO, social, content, and email. There may not be something in each section every week, but I’ll try.
  • Less beginner content, more specialized and niche for professionals.
  • More personal. That’s a weird thing to say cause I think it’s already REALLY personal. But, I hate sanitized content. I should never post anything I don’t believe or has been cleaned up to appeal to more people. I think when we do this, we end up with a product that is bland.

This is the first iteration of the new format and new schedule. I would love your feedback. Email me,

Now, onto this week’s newsletter:
– C-suite’s sudden need for SEO.
– Creating a paywall, if that’s your thing.
– The product triangle and SEO.
– Facebook’s new algo change for “original reporting”.
– Quality and quantity of content for lead gen.
– There’s no such thing as “catching up” | Get Better Friday.


Oh, so now its important

I appreciate this articles approach. Its very “I told you so” without actually saying it. For years, hell for a decade, we’ve been telling management and the C-Suite how important SEO is and constantly requesting appropriate funding. Every time there’s been another priority. Especially for something often seen as free, SEO was rarely given the proper attention from the decision makers.

I know this all too well. My last boss at a previous company was this way. I had to constantly operate with free trials and rotating email addresses so I could do the absolute bare minimum SEO. Once, after requesting a budget for a few SEO tools that would cost under $500 per month, he sent me a link to a video on how to do a free SEO audit. Then, in a different conversation, brought up billboard advertising.

Then the pandemic hit and whole businesses shut their doors to the public, forcing all sales through the ecommerce channels. Now all of a sudden, SEO was important. The C-Suite started Googling and realized they got what they paid for. Now is your chance, make that huge pitch for SEO along with the real dollars its going to cost. The pressure is on them when they hear what they have to lose.

In a Year of Worsts, SEO Just Became the Best

Monetization and the wall

This is a really good read if you know you’re going to need to implement a paywall and still want to rank. Right now it feels like only very large publishers will be interested in this, but as the influencer/podcaster/content-creator world grows, even small brands might want to build a paywall for access. I think Patreon has proven the subscription model for creators is possible and decentralization is the key to true ownership.

Paywalls, SEO, and the Need for a Damn Good Brand | CXL

Product, Sales and Marketing sitting in a tree

Look, I can’t add anything to this article. Its flat-out amazing and any opinion I have is WELL covered in the original. Go read it, absorb, then speak with your teams about integrating SEO better with the product and sales pipelines. How else can I convince you? Look at this quote: … when we prioritize what we should build next, for which I always ask 3 questions:

Is this something that will help us to…

  • Solve users/customers problems? (the technology/features)
  • Attract more/better users/customers? (the users)
  • Earn more/better money that we need to keep the operations going and being profitable? (the business)

The more “yes” a potential development has when asking these questions, the more important will be for us to prioritize.

Integrating SEO within the Product Triangle To Align Efforts & Maximize Impact


But what does it mean?

This is one of those Facebook moves that who knows what will happen in 6 months. Facebook as a whole has been damn near impossible to work with over the last 3 years, often crushing publishers with their tweaks to their algorithm or business objectives. What exactly does original reporting mean? How was their AI trained? How will you know you’re being down-ranked? What can you do about it?

I have been putting a lot more emphasis on LinkedIn and Twitter for social marketing. Not because I’m seeing better results. Mostly because I can’t force myself spend any time on Facebook properties.

Facebook to boost news articles with original reporting in algorithm – Axios


Content quantity + quality = more leads

Lead generation is definitely a high priority right now. Its hard to develop a full flywheel using content to generate awareness, then also creating even more content to convert and hand off warm leads to the sales team while limiting spend and reducing cost. The reality is to capture more people, you need to create more stuff. This goes hand-in-hand with the SEO work mentioned above. You can’t perform better in SEO with the actual content to go with it.

This guide is good and will stretch the quantity of GOOD content needed to isolate quality leads. Finding more leads doesn’t mean buying more lists. It means making good content, delivered at precisely the right time.

B2B Lead Generation: 8 Strategies That Work in 2020

Hot links

You’re Not Falling Behind | Get Better Friday

Have you ever said this?

“I’m so far behind. I’m going to put in some extra time to get caught up.”

We’ve all said this, In fact, you might be at the end of one of those weeks. The truth is, there’s no such thing as “catching up”. Its a myth we tell ourselves as if there’s some sort of ending to our work. Once you embrace that our work is endless, it will relieve you of stress and anxiety.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to do everything, always willing to take on more and more and more. But, the real secret to effectiveness is to work one step at a time. Every project is a chance for us to do our best work and if we focus on what matters, not what’s urgent, we’ll be happier and healthier.

If the intention isn’t there, then maybe its not right for you. Save your energy for the people, moments and opportunities you really want.

There’s no such thing as “catching up” – Leadership & Coaching

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