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Just. Don’t. Give. Up. | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #4

CorrTek marketing mixer number 4. September 23 - 27, 2019

I’ve been on vacation all this week with my family in Disneyland. It’s my oldests 16th. birthday and a week that I’m thinking a lot about my family, the past, and the future. I’m both grateful and proud of the opportunities I’ve had in my career and the life I’ve been able to provide for my family.

However, I’m a firm believer that we make our own luck. It doesn’t matter who said it first, but it’s 100% true:

“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.”

Keep grinding. Don’t give up, your patience will be rewarded. And if you start to feel that grind its okay to take a break, regroup, take a breather and be with the one’s close to you. For as much as we all want to be successful, remember it doesn’t mean anything without people to enjoy it with.

Say. Your. Keyword. Early.

Video production is expensive in both time and effort. So why are you optimizing your thumbnail, title and description for keywords that are never said in your video? It’s not about tricking a viewer into watching your video, its about delivering value to them.

We often think that a new product or a sale is helping them. That’s a one-sided presentation that only helps the business, not the customer and they can see right through it. Optimize, over-deliver and stay the course and video marketing will pay off.

Why video content marketing + 5 tips to get started

Alright, everyone into the pool

Just making videos and publishing on a schedule isn’t enough to actually be successful. This is an amazing podcast & blog about the kind of success you can have if you put in the work. I highly recommend taking an hour to listen to this episode and catch the dozens of little things it takes to make serious waves on YouTube and anywhere else you make video.

If you do nothing else this week at least listen to this, you won’t be sorry.

The YouTube Optimization Experiment

30 people can’t be wrong

I just can’t say no these kinds of lists. Here’s 50 people essentially saying the same thing – engage your audience as close to a one-on-one relationship as possible. Think niche, think local and think personalized. The days of just grabbing views is over, volume doesn’t equal success.

The best part? Its never too late to start over. Try something new. There’s no such thing as sunk costs, just do what’s right and be persistent. In the end it will pay off.

We Asked 30+ Marketing Experts: How Would You Grow Your Social Following From 0?

When its all said and done | Get Better Friday

Since I am on vacation this week there’s not a traditional Get Better Friday video from me. This was a much needed week away from the office and week with my family. Instead of a video from me, please enjoy this clip from GaryVee.

This is the quote that sticks with me…

“Now I’m fine, I’m unbelievably fine with not achieving my goals. I’m not fine with not trying to.”

The clip is from 9:35 – 10:20, but the whole video is worth watching.

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