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Managing and Re-Purposing | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #1

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter number one, September first through September eight, 2019.

Over the last year I’ve been sharing articles, insights, tools and information I’ve found helpful for growing my career in digital marketing. I’ve been mostly sharing them on LinkedIn with some sneaking through to Twitter occasionally. I’ve been thinking about making a newsletter for some time and this felt like a natural fit.

Each week I’ll be sharing this information right here and in my newsletter. No ads, no spam, no affiliate links. Just sharing what I’ve found valuable as I learn to be a better digital marketer and a leader and a coach to a team of designers, creators and analysts.

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So here’s the first round-up on this new endeavor.

Finding a social media management tool

Getting the right tool can make a big difference in your social media efforts. When given the right tool, your social media manager can accomplish great things. Stop treating it as an “entry level/intern” job & recognize its crucial to your business. When I researched the tool our team uses we originally started looking at the features each offered and selected ones that looked like they had the most at a price in our budget.

But this is the wrong way to pick a tool! Eventually we stepped back and re-evaluated how we were going about our selection. We decided to throw away everything we previously researched and started over. This time we made a list of: * What we absolutely, without a doubt, definitely needed right out of the gate. * What we needed in a year if everything went according to our growth plan. * Extras that would be nice in case we ever needed it.

In order to do this we had to go even further back and review our social media strategy, objectives and goals. It ended up being more work than we originally anticipated but ended up with a much better outcome.

This is quite thorough and includes access to the original Google Docs. This is something you can use after you’ve done your homework and need to start narrowing down the options to what you need to be successful.

Social Media Tool Comparison

No such thing as one-and-done content

I will never stop howling about refurbishing or repurposing content. If you have something that is performing well, go deep and own it! I love the idea in this post about turning it into a PowerPoint. I’m thinking of three blogs that we could make a blog for LinkedIn, video on YouTube, PPT for Slideshare and an infographic on Medium.

Our job is to drive traffic to the business, not some vanity metric on our own blog. Posting something on a different platform isn’t taking anything away from our internal channels. If a piece of content is performing well on your owned channels you must share it anywhere and everywhere you can. Just sharing a link on Facebook isn’t enough. Cut it up, simplify and spread out the content type to as many channels as possible.

The hard part of repurposing content isn’t the work it takes to make it, rather being crystal clear on your CTA. This is a classic post from Moz that bubbled up in the feed this week and is a must read for any marketer.

Refurbishing Top Content – Whiteboard Friday

Excel-lent URL Resource

I love anything that makes both our job and using Excel easier. I don’t know why we’re so insistent on marketers knowing how to do everything. Being a Google-coder is okay. Leaning on Google for Excel is okay.

This is one of those blogs to bookmark and save for later. With everything a digital marketer needs to do in 2019, there’s no way to memorize all of it. The key is to save resources and pull them out when needed.

Excel Formulas for Extracting URL Strings

Get Better Friday – What If…

Forward progress requires innovation and that doesn’t just fall into your lap. We all have systems that encourage us to maintain the status quo because humans crave consistency.

But the way forward is to try new things and move to where the world is going, not where it was. In marketing we have so many choices to build relationships which require us to get outside that comfort zone, take risks and think about what could be successful not what was 10 years ago.

So lets play the “what if…” game.

What if… you did something not traditionally done in your industry.

What if… you did something your marketing department has never tried

What if… you used digital in ways the traditional marketing at your company has never been tried.

So what’s your “what if…?” Tell me your crazy ideas!

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