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Measuring your Opportunities | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #2

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter number two. September 9 - 13, 2019

This week was Apple announcement week, which for news and productivity is always like the tide being sucked out right before a huge wave comes crashing down. I’m always in awe of how much free press coverage Apple gets from just about every news agency, blog, and influencer. I wonder if the total saturation of coverage of any Apple event actually gets engagement, especially if you’re not The Verge or Techcrunch. No matter what it is, its a case study in how a important having a strong brand is and how it impacts your business.

For me, my tech focus was on physical keyboards on mobile devices. I’ve been in love with Blackberry since I got my first one way back in 2004. On DC Tech Talk I share my story of buying and using a Blackberry Curve this week and how maybe… The Blackberry keyboard isn’t as great as we die hard’s remember.

Here’s what’s going on this week in digital marketing…

Content Marketing – You have to measure!

How long did it take for your content marketing to have an effect on the business? Can you prove it?

The case study looks at two different very important aspects in content marketing. First, it looks at setting a multi-pronged approached to cold traffic, lookalike and retargeting. But the real meat of this is how they measured the impact of their content. Before you can ever know if your content marketing worked you have to define what success looks like. This is less about how long content takes to be successful and more about making sure you measure it consistently.

How Long Does It Take for Content Marketing to Work? A Case Study.

Is great content without views really “great”?

This article starts out with a bang.

“However, I am a big believer that no matter how well-written your piece is, it’s not going to reach your target audience unless you spend 10X hours on content promotion.”

There’s lots of great ideas in this post. From this list my three favorite are: Repurposing content funneling all to a specific CTA. Let the cycle feed itself! Always asking, “what’s our video add-on for this content.” Network, network, network. Influencers, bloggers, podcasters, just find more people to share your content.

Best Content Promotion Strategies: Asking Experts

Your opportunity is now on Twitter

I’ve said it several times, I’m extremely bullish about Twitter’s future. As we draw near 2020 you can see how Twitter is growing up into one of the better social media platforms for your brand.

Marketers have chased the promise of views and engagement on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms only to get burned. All the while Twitter has been getting better and better. Now’s your chance. If you have drifted away from Twitter, jump back in. If you’re using it, double your efforts.

How Twitter Solved One of Its Oldest Problems

ABR – Always be recruiting

Hiring is an expensive process. From placing an ad to final on-boarding and training it takes a lot as a leader to find and keep great employees.

Interviewing isn’t an exact science. In this post from First Round Review there’s lots of great interview questions. My takeaway from this – Ask your current employees the same questions. Recruit your current employees the same way you look externally. Your team is more talented, ambitious and forward thinking than you realize.

Its your job as a leader to help them get there.

40 Favorite Interview Questions from Some of the Sharpest Folks We Know

Get Better Friday – Personal Time Responsibility

In order to accomplish all that you have on your task or goal list, each day has to be viewed as an opportunity to achieve something. Waiting for time and space to cooperate will delay everything, every time. We can’t just wait for things to magically happen. If you don’t feel like you have enough time in the day, you have options.

  1. Take an honest assessment of how you’re spending your time.
  2. Pinpoint the actual goal of the task or project and keep your focus on that instead of wandering until its complete.
  3. Break it up into smaller pieces. What’s the smallest thing you can do today to get just the tiniest bit closer?

In this week’s Get Better Friday I explain these points and how you can use them to get more done each day.

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