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Permission to Create | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #12

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for November 18 - 22, 2019

There is a significant advantage to managing your personal brand. It may help you get a better job, introduce you to new people, but more importantly its a way to practice your craft as a marketer.

Make YouTube videos, livestream on Twitch, record a podcast, do all the crazy stuff your 9-5 refuses to include because “its not the right fit”. I give you permission to create and publish without fear.

While you’re at it, support your favorite indie creators. Let them know you appreciate them putting good things into the world.

Make and Publish and Never Stop

Just sharing something doesn’t make you or that thing right. This guide from GaryVee walks through how to share, a lot, each and every day to grow your personal brand. Not all of it is great, some of it is okay.

But what I like about Gary is his willingness to try, fail, and try again. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

If you wait to make and publish for it to be the absolute best and perfect version, you’ll never do anything. My biggest takeaway from this deck – Create and publish and keep doing it as long as you know it brings value.

How to Make 64 Pieces of Content in a Day

Don’t Worry, You’ll Get Better

Made for other YouTubers, this video may not be professional focused but I loved the message. You don’t get good overnight. You don’t automatically get attention, you have to earn it.

This goes for “influencer YouTubers” and for anyone in marketing. Marketing is a process and if you’re trying to develop your own brand, it will take time. It will probably take longer than you can imagine. Just stick with it. Keep creating, keep building, it will eventually pay off.

Make 100 Crappy YouTube Videos

Ever Thought About NOT Measuring?

If everything has analytics, do any numbers actually mean anything? Sorry, your answer is in another dashboard.

KPI Overload

Set Your Vision First – Get Better Friday

To accomplish anything requires a vision of what success looks before you begin. After, you have a mix of objectives, goals and tactics that will eventually be the work that will lead you to that vision. In this week’s Get Better Friday video, I talk about the difference between objectives, goals and tactics. We often conflate the three together, mixing tactics with goals or interpreting an objective as a tactic.

When you work with a vision in mind, setting objectives that help push you to that vision will make setting goals and tactics easier. Everyday you need to ask yourself, “Is this getting me closer to my vision? To my life or career objectives?” Find out more in this video.

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