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Pipelines and Funnels, The Power of the Cone | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #17

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for December 30, 2019 - January 3, 2020

What a weird week. Half in last year, full of posts about the end of 2019 and the end of the decade. The second half in 2020, which really is the future. It’s enough whiplash to trigger a safety recall.

Here’s what I was reminded of during the holiday season:

  • People matter. Connecting with friends, family, coworkers and even aquiantences at the coffee shop, is important. Remember that when you hear or say, “This meeting should have been an email.”
  • Personal time is a key factor to happiness. Don’t save all your vacation and family time for the holidays. Have 4 Christmas breaks a year, for no reason other than to lay around all day with the people you love eating candy and watching movies.
  • Climb the right mountains. No sunk costs. Just because you put a lot of time into something, it doesn’t mean its worth doing. Pick out what will make you happy and chase it, if it doesn’t work out, pick a new path and go.

Getting Serious with TOFU

Using content as lead generation is common, yet poorly done by most B2B companies. The main problem is the commitment to content marketing, both in mindset and investment.

Using content for top of funnel lead generation doesn’t mean you churn out sales focused, spun content. Your content needs to invest in the user, provide overwhelming value and is expensive to make.

What I like about this blog is step 3. You’re in B2B, you know your customer and their company. So, help them do their job. Give without asking and allow the time to grow.

Closing the Deal: How Content Marketing Can Turn Your B2B Leads into Customers

Long Live Design

In B2B there is a serious barrier to understanding the role of design in marketing. Proving ROI on content has always been difficult, but not nearly as hard as proving the benefit of design.

I read these types of posts with a grain of salt, as they can easily conflate “looks nice” with “designed with user intent”. Design is not easy and a crucial factor to accomplishing your sales goals.

6 B2B Brands That Put the Creative in Their Content Marketing

Seasonal Decision Symptoms

I’ve been in a seasonal industry for nearly two decades, so this mindset isn’t something new for me. However, even if your customers have seasons for work, the real adjustment is to be ready when they make their decisions, not when they’re gearing up.

Waiting until the season starts to launch your program/project is a recipe for disaster. By that point you’re already too late. Before planning your seasons, take into consideration when the purchase decision will be made, not when the work will start.

Seasonality in B2B Sales And Ways To Use It

BOFU Pays for TOFU

This week I’ve focused a lot on top of funnel content. In order to be successful with TOFU, the investment needs to match the expected output. But, how you get the investment is by converting customers.

This video is a good reminder/explainer for what your content ultimately needs to do. It’s a lot of fun to make TOFU. Converting customers is orders of magnitude more difficult and is where the real work happens.

Are You Destroying Value in the Funnel?

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