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Pivoting, Moving, and Adapting | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #29

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for April 6 - 10, 2020

Podcast downloads globally are decreasing, now that people have less commutes, store visits and other miscellaneous boring tasks that having background sounds was better than the actual real world situation. I have to admit, my podcast listening has decreased as well. Which makes me sad. For a lot of the shows I listen to, the hosts feel like friends. So, going all these weeks without listening feels like I’ve lost some of my close friends. This is the same for the newsletters I follow, often falling a week behind then catching up on a Saturday morning.

Just more evidence that we’re all creatures of habit, of routine. Change that routine and we’re a rudderless ship, listing at sea.

The podcasts I normally listen to were created for commutes. Nearly all of them have 45 minute-ish run times, matching the average commute time to and from the office. Or, they’re epically long which were great for grocery shopping, road trips or air travel. Now that I’m not doing any of those things, I don’t know where they fit into my life. This feels like an opportunity for the podcast industry, not a negative. Sub-10 minute shows so you feel like you accomplished something. Or, formatted to look good on a TV since we are closer to those more than ever. Family friendly. Easy to play on smart speakers. Chapters to make it easy to save your progress.

The list goes on and on. The question is: Can they pivot? Can you pivot? Is the willingness there? Capability?

More on that…

Coming up this week:

  • Adapting your marketing in our current situation. The time will come eventually, how will you pivot?
  • Building a company, department or team ready to pivot.
  • A host of hot links including a competitor to TikTok
  • Get Better Friday – Everything is a choice.

Pivoting your marketing

For any business size, large or small contractor, stopping your marketing feels like the right thing to do. I know its tough right now to strike the right tone and how to find the right things to talk about. I’ve mentioned before, be helpful and authentic and empathetic.

But, you still have a company that relies on finding and acquiring new customers. Right now may not be the right time, but that time will come again. We will have to pivot our approach to the new normal.

If you’re a small business, think about how your customers will find you in this new landscape. Are door hangars and business cards still the right choice? Home shows? Walk-throughs? Or can you make videos, slideshows and emails that get your message across? Don’t worry about quality, is it the right content.

12 Ways to Adapt Your Marketing in Times of Forced Isolation

Be prepared to move

I appreciate both the technical deep dive plus the overarching basic premise of this piece. This quote in particular: “Those who will prosper in “the new normal” (and I hate myself for saying that) are those who understand, react to and predict shifts in human behavior, as opposed to Google. The brands that will thrive are the ones that structure themselves, build tooling and employ process around the ability to pivot almost immediately.”

Things are shifting. What can you do to prepare your team, department or company for the changes? We don’t know what the changes will be, but can you prepare for the sudden movement.

SEO – What we need to do now – Builtvisible

Hot Links

  • YouTube Plans To Take On TikTok With Shorts
    In case you missed it, YouTube has an update coming that will allow you to produce TikTok style videos. If you’re not making short form video or your audience doesn’t like this type of content, no worries. If you make content for YouTube, this is definitely worth checking out. This is not to capitalize on TikTok’s success, instead stop the hemorrhaging of YouTubers using TikTok.
  • Read The Room.
    The great Rand Fishkin again, this time about how to keep publishing while its still really hard to do marketing. Good read.
  • Lost my job due to Coronavirus
    If you’re a marketer that recently lost your job, check out this Google Form that is matching people with companies that are hiring.
  • COVID-19: Social Media Management in Times of Crisis

Everything is a choice | Get Better Friday

Everything is a Choice | Leadership & Coaching – YouTube

Listen now, no subscription required: RSS | Spotify | iTunes | Google | Pocket Casts | YouTube | TuneIn

My emotions are in constant flux right now. Day to day, hour to hour, my anxiety goes from 0 to 100 in an instant with wild swings without notice. This has to do with the news cycle, of course. But, its also this feeling that I should be doing more with the time that I have. Should I be tackling more projects? Should my team be working on big, new initiatives now that we have time? Should I start that new YouTube series, begin that book idea, start live streaming on Twitch, doing 100 push-ups a day, take that super advanced Excel class…

The list goes on forever.

Everything is a choice. Go this way or that, do this or that. The problem is always, did I make the right choice.

For me, the right choice is what I needed at that moment. The key is to give yourself permission to make a decision and be okay with whatever that decision is. If you’re anxiety levels are at their max, maybe its not the best time to start that book. If you’re really bored, it might not be a good time start that Excel class (which only increases boredom).

Its okay to make a choice to lay around for a day to relax, that’s what you needed that day. Its also okay to pull back on projects with your team right now, too. Accepting that everything is a choice and giving yourself permission to be okay with that choice will go a long way. Go with your gut and know that if you decide to delay a project or task, its for a good reason. You need the rest, both physically or mentally.

Its your choice, the best choice you made in the moment with what your instincts, body and heart were telling you.

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