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Telling Your Story, In Stories | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #26

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for March 9 - 13, 2020

When the whole world is talking about the virus, I’m desperate to find something, anything, to help ease stress. Throughout the day I’m innundated with either news, coworkers, friends, family, strangers, all concerned about the virus. Which is the right way to feel!

But, I really need find time each day to let go of that stress and have a moment to just… Breathe. In a room, all by myself, with safe air. The world in 2020 is complicated and overwhelming. Don’t forget to take a few minutes for yourself each day.

Coming up this week in the Marketing Mixer newsletter:
– Organic is dead, its on YOU to make sure all that work you put in gets in front of as many people as possible.
– Finding your minimum viable audience, then advertising to them on Instagram Stories
– Plenty of hot links.
– Don’t make your goals impossible by saying yes to everything – Get Better Friday

Don’t count on organic, you control your impressions

Had a great conversation with a friend yesterday about their first album. We were discussing a launch strategy, all the different tactics to drive awareness. To be honest, its overwhelming!

The hardest part is deciding where to spend your time, especially if you are also the creator. Social channels, email lists, advertising, plus getting the music launched on streaming platforms, in digital stores and trying to have a little fun. Here’s what I recommended to him:
– Post 3-4 times a week on Instagram & Facebook, have an organic presence with proper hashtags
– Run paid Instagram Stories ads, set an affordable budget (~$20/week)
– Leverage other people’s audiences

It’s important to have organic content, which will take a lot of time to create and probably not drive much traffic. So many recommendations you find online are “start posting on your social media”, but organic reach is hard. Actually, its nearly impossible. Don’t count on organic reach to get you traction. Its definitely a tactic to use, just don’t depend on it.

Poor organic reach is why I also recommend running paid ads. If you worked hundreds of hours on something you’re really proud of, it is your responsibility to make sure as many people see it as possible. This is crucial not only to creators or small business owners, but to people in corporate marketing too. Just hitting publish on a thing isn’t enough. You know how much work it took to make. You know how many people were involved, cost of software/apps, and the ambitions of the project. Isn’t it you’re number one priority to make sure as many people see it as possible? You can’t do that 100% organically.

This is why I also said to leverage other people’s audiences. There’s so much power in community and you have one around you, whether you know it or not. Start texting people, emailing friends, anyone who you think would share your creation. Do you know someone who has a podcast? A YouTube channel? Ask them if they’d be interested in helping you get started. You’d be surprised at how many people want to help.

This advice also works for contractors or anyone else looking to grow awareness. Just make sure you have a very clear CTA. Have a landing page, way to book an appointment, or place to consume the content ready to go when you start publishing. Send them somewhere that delivers on the promise in the creative. If you’re CTA is listen now, make sure they can actually listen!

By the way, this is my friends new album. Get a demo song on Apple Music with their full album coming out March 20! Listen to the demo now!

The Territorials

Minimum viable audience

If you read my recommendations and wanted to know more about how to publish Instagram Stories, here’s the guide to walk you through the process. There are lots of great tools out there to help with making these posts including Canva and Buffer Stories Creator. Where most people fall down is on planning, not the execution.

Take some time to write out who your ideal customer is and what they would like about your service/product/book/music/etc. Keep your audience as narrow and focused as possible. Of course it would be amazing if everyone who loves rock music streamed your album, but don’t start there. Start with the smallest audience you can think of and over-deliver to that group. Then, when creating these ads, you can keep your focus and not feel like the whole world is watching you.

Once again, the great Seth Godin nails it: When you have your eyes firmly focused on the minimum viable audience, you will double down on all the changes you seek to make. Your quality, your story and your impact will all get better.

And then, ironically enough, the word will spread.

Instagram Stories Ads: What Marketers Need to Know

Hot links

Every time you say “Yes” | Get Better Friday

Late last week I caught a link in one of my favorite newsletters ( 10 Things by Luke Leighfield ) to a poem titled “How to Be Perfect” by Ron Padgett. There was one particular line that really stuck with me, I’m still thinking about it today.

White text on black background with quote, "Imagine what you would like to see happen, and then don't do anything to make it impossible."

This made me think of another line I’m fond of sharing, “Every time you say yes to something, you’re saying no to something else.”

What have I been saying yes to that is making it impossible to reach my goals? My things are urgent to others and I’m allowing those to use up my precious time to accomplish what is important to me?

In this Get Better Friday video I discuss that exact topic. To be honest, I don’t have a great answer for myself, other than knowing I’m going to have to have hard conversations with people… Soon.

Don’t make your goals impossible | Get Better Friday

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