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The Power of Change | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #31

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for April 20 - 24, 2020

I’ve been working on a new personal project that includes a website. Setting up a VPS with WordPress is so incredibly easy now. Between this and all the amazing services that have popped up around WordPress, its nice to see just how quickly someone can go from idea to published.

It’s also had me thinking more about why its taken me so long to set up this new project. Just a reminder that we’re often the biggest barrier to our own success.

Details coming soon on that project.

In this weeks Marketing Mixer newsletter:
– Abandon all other social media, Instagram is finally good.
– To ton of great hot links. Seriously, its basically the whole newsletter.
– The reality of change – Get Better Friday

Instagram power move

I’m not a fan of Instagram. I only use it just enough to be considered a MAU. But, with all the announcements they made last week, I’m moving as fast as I can back to the platform. For small businesses looking to add social media to their outreach, start on IG. Sales people trying to build their personal brand and reaching new clients, go to IG. Why?

In just one week Instagram has added desktop DM’s and live streaming, gift cards, online ordering, IGTV updates and more. I know the social media landscape is hard to maneuver and leads to many small businesses to skip it altogether. Yet right now, I would strongly advise you to use some potential downtime you have right now to learn the platform and the tools available. As always, here to help as you wade into the waters.

Instagram Expands Desktop and Mobile Features : Social Media Examiner

Hot links

  • The consumer after COVID-19
    We all know certain things are never going back to the way they were. Whether you’re a brand or agency marketer, its time to start thinking about how in-person merchandising will change with the consumer.
  • With projects pushed off, publishers are adapting their branded content strategies
    “…to create top of the funnel branded content for transaction-based clients, instead of solely running Facebook shopping ad campaigns. Building brand awareness enables the client to better communicate how the client is looking to serve the audience during this time.”
  • How to build an attractive digital marketing portfolio that gets you hired
    This is really good and task I’m working on next week to build.
  • Hurry Slowly Podcast
    “Hurry Slowly is a podcast about how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down.”
  • Deez Links: Signal boosting people looking for work
    I’ve been following Delia and the Deez Links newsletter for more than a year and I highly recommend it now more than ever. Once a week the newsletter is boosting people who suddenly find themselves out of work and looking for a gig, freelance or a full-time home. If you’re hiring, start here.
  • Productivity Is Not Working
    “The cult of productivity doesn’t have an answer for this crisis. Self-optimizing will not save us this time, although saying so feels surprisingly blasphemous. This isn’t happening because you didn’t work hard enough, and it won’t be fixed by optimizing your morning routines and adopting a can-do attitude.”
  • Just for fun: 13 Virtual Train Rides From Around the World

The reality of change | Get Better Friday

Accepting the Reality of Change

Listen now, no subscription required: RSS | Spotify | iTunes | Google | Pocket Casts | YouTube | TuneIn

There have been a lot of smart people that have been writing extremely thorough essays about how the world is going to change. Some good ones to check out are Mary Meekers “Our New World” and Julio Vincent Gambuto’s “Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting”. In this time of great disruption, change is happening at a much quicker pace than we’re accustomed to.

But, change happens regardless of a pandemic or major catastrophes. It may happen more slowly, but change happens. Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about change and how to prepare for it. Not just due to our current situation, but life in general. The reality is change happens, whether you want it to or not.

So, how will you get ready for change?

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