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Who is this all for, really? | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #23

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for February 17 - 21, 2020

I had a moment this week that made me closer to my oldest child than we’ve ever been. In a short Snapchat exchange, we realized we were both filling in cells in a Google Sheets spreadsheet that was essentially copy and pasting results. Wasn’t the same project, me for work and her for school. But, for a brief moment, it connected us with a shared mild annoyance for spreadsheets.

For me, I had a good laugh as we discussed the problems we have with Google Sheets. For her, the dull realization that writing in spreadsheets might be something she will do for decades…

It was glorious.

Onto this weeks marketing newsletter.

What’s on tap for this week:

  • Seriously, who’s leading your marketing efforts? Is it your customer or your sales team?
  • Most lead magnets are annoying and you know it. Time to start over.
  • Staring with content repurposing in mind.
  • A very personal Get Better Friday. Personal brand is for the person in the mirror.

Who’s actually leading your marketing efforts?

Serious question: Who is leading your marketing goals? Your funnel? Your milestones and KPIs? Be honest with yourself.

As this blog points out, it should be obvious if marketing or sales is controlling your destiny. Are the steps in your journey or funnel based on when the sales team hits a milestone?

There’s your answer.

Stumbling toward customer-led growth

Stop being annoying

I guarantee your customers are overall annoyed by your lead magnet efforts. Everyone sees through the bullshit, they all know what you’re doing and will try to find the easiest, quickest way out of it.

I do want to give a special shout out to all the sites that have lead magnet newsletter sign-ups for every visitor their site. You know the ones. When you first land and a full page interstitial takes over the whole site, encouraging you to sign up for their newsletter… You are worse than wearing socks in mud.

This is exactly what I was talking about earlier. Are your efforts created by the sales team? Then, by all means, put a lead magnet on everything and annoy the hell out of your users so you can have the sales team churn through contacts.

But, if you want to get serious, identify what your customer challenges are and help them solve it. Then, ask for a little value back.

We grew our email list by 4000 subscribers using one lead magnet. Here’s how.

Start with repurposing in mind

This video is definitely for anyone who’s just starting their content efforts. It’s more for personal branding content, however, I like the message. Yes, there are several ways you can re-share or re-publish content on other platforms. You just need to keep in mind how the users of each channel consumes content on the platform. Cramming a horizontal video on a vertical channel is obvious you are just copy/pasting your content.

But, if you start from the beginning knowing you will use a piece of content on other channels, you can plan accordingly. In a video shoot? Schedule to record for YouTube and other channels at the same time. Identify what sections of the content during the planning phase that will work on other channels, and then you can maximize the time. Knowing that a video will also be an IG post, blog and podcast audio makes it easier in the actual production instead of trying to do it after and forcing it into other areas.

Be authentic for each channel.

Get Insane Reach by Repurposing Your YouTube Videos As Evergreen Content on Social Media

Lightning Round

Going to try this out. I collect several links every week that are good reads, just not enough to add a lot of additional commentary. Let me know if you like this section and I’ll keep adding to this round-up each week.

Here’s what else caught my attention this week:

  1. 6 things you believe about your homepage that are actually BS
  2. 5 Ways to Humanize B2B Content Marketing
  3. Are Twitter Stories coming? The company buys Stories app developer Chroma Labs

For the record, I’ve been preaching this for a long time. Twitter is a natural place for ephemeral video.

Who’s this for? | Get Better Friday

Yes, I’m still talking about personal brand. Before you skip, this one is an extremely personal message and insight into why I think personal brand is so important. My personal brand isn’t about what other people think; It’s about what I think when I see myself. It’s personal.

I’ve said before that the reason I make these videos, posts and more is to help me get better at being a leader and a person. This week’s message is a personal note to myself about why I make these videos, newsletters, podcasts and more. Personal branding, for me, is not about traditional branding. In marketing, we all know why brand is important. Brand is what people think and say when you’re not around. Some time ago my personal brand became important because I wanted to make sure that when I look in the mirror, the person looking back represents all the things I think are important – To me.

This goes for everything. The creative work I’m producing and what I’m putting into the public. My fashion. My work. My relationships. When I look in the mirror, am I doing the things I want to represent me? When I think of the things I’ve done, is that it impress others? Or did I do it for me?

I want that answer to always be I did it for me. So that when I look in the mirror, the man I see is the doing the work, the art, relationships I want to be looking back at me.

You might say, I’m doing it for the man in the mirror…

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