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Will the Algorithms Recommend You? | CorrTek Marketing Mixer #40

CorrTek marketing mixer newsletter for July 13 - 16, 2020

I get distracted easily. At any given point I’m attempting to do four hundred tasks at one time. Some are work, some are personal, some are a passing tweet that sounded cool and now I’m in a research rabbit hole that never ends. This is evident in my home office, too. I’ve continued to expand what I have around me, from tech to trinkets.

This week I was focused on adding a VoIP phone and a printer. The printer I already had. But, the big get was a VoIP adapter so I can have a regular desk phone. I showed it off in a group chat and nearly everyone’s response was, “But why?” I will defend my desk phone, up until I get my first spam call and I’ll remember why us older Millennials shunned the home phone. In fact, my cell phone never comes off DND. What kind of maniac just calls someone? Without warning?

I’ve already talked myself out of my desk phone…

In this weeks newsletter:
– SEO fails to learn from.
– A rant about blogging advice and bland content.
– Discover tab worthy social media strategy.
– Writing great subject lines is an art.
– Be proud of who you are. | Get Better Friday


I live for this kind of stuff. Instead of copying what someone else does well, do the opposite of people who do it bad. This is a list of bad.

Its easy to undo a lot of good SEO work in just a few minutes. Plan, collaborate, execute, measure, repeat. Oh, and TEST, TEST, TEST.

What We Can Learn From Real World SEO Fails From 2020


In general I agree with keeping focus while writing copy for websites. However, I will never conform to SEO recommendations to write in shorter sentences with easy to understand words. I get this from other content producers, marketing platforms and SEO tools (*cough Yoast).

I said the same in the newsletter last week, too. I hate sanitized content. Sanitized means intentionally made bland so it reaches the widest audience possible.

Fuck that bullshit.

Dumbing down content only does two things. One, it shows what you think of your audience. Two, its no different then the dribble being put out by countless content farms.

I normally like Screaming Frog. But I don’t like this advice.

Write Better: Tips For Effective Online Copywriting | Screaming Frog

Example A

Here’s a great example of bland content. Yes, it has some good advice. Written like its talking to a bot.

Serious question. Are you writing content for people to read? Or for bots to crawl it? Only one of those is actually useful and gives your work meaning.

7 Areas to Focus on During Your Mid-Year Blog Review


Discover this, sucka

I have a lot of takeaways from this piece. First, the amount of people who follow a brand due to platform suggestions is astronomical. This means hyper-targeting keywords you think your customer finds interesting works, but only when the platform decides to promote you. So, is your content structured in a way that Instagram would put you in the Discover tab? Or as a “Tweet you may like”?

Second, the amount of people who don’t care about memorable storytelling that fits the brands personality. These are features we, as marketers, tell ourselves is what the customer wants. They want good content. They want it to be memorable. Bah! You know what they really want? Strong customer service that is honest and replies quickly.

How consumers find new accounts to like and follow charts. All info is listed below.

1. 45% – Suggestions in my feed and/or use discovery tools.
2. 40% – Recommendations from family/friends.
3. 39% – Brands that I admire and/or follow.
4. 35% – Accounts influencers I like mention.
5. 34% – Brands I shop with online.
6. 32% – Word-of-mouth.
7. 25% – Hashtags.
Source: ClickZ

Why consumers follow and unfollow brands on social media – ClickZ

Polls. Polls everywhere

Based on the article above, I don’t think many people care about polls. If so, I don’t think you get any good data. I wouldn’t use poll data on LinkedIn as any insight to strategy.

But, the real story is knowing your audience. Just publishing more polls won’t make your social media better. What will improve it is knowing what your followers will engage with and if its polls, then go ham.

Social Media Polls For Marketers: 6 B2B Brands Winning With LinkedIn Polls


I’ll be honest, I read a lot of email. Not just work, but overall in life. I actually prefer to get information via email and I’m such a junkie for newsletters, I wish I could get my Twitter feed via weekly notes.

Getting people to acknowledge and open your email takes a lot of work. These two share some good points and is worth your time.

Crafting Perfect Subject Lines

Hot links

Be proud of who you are | Get Better Friday

This week a video from the amazing Steven Spohn. We focus so much on the things we can’t control, even allowing it to take up all of our energy. I know, I do it all the time. I’m perpetually feeling like every thing that goes wrong, no matter how small, happens just to make my life more difficult. What if we focused on what we can control. How we respond to stress, challenges and inconveniences is under our control.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this video and a quote I saw separately.

“My life got a lot easier when I stopped trying to constantly create good situations, and instead started reacting to everything in a positive way.”

BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE – How to be the best version of yourself

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