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Just going through the motions with social media is missing a huge opportunity to find more customers and build better relationships.

A great social media strategy generates more leads, nurtures prospects, and converts more business. Creating campaigns that accomplish these goals takes a unique understanding of the type of work and customers contractors and service industry professionals serve. 

Many marketing experts primarily focus on e-commerce or direct-to-consumer products and have little understanding how the service industry interacts with their customers. This leads to underperformance because there isn’t a way to adapt traditional e-commerce campaigns to services. 

I am a full-service social media professional and develop strategies and campaigns for:

  • Organic social media posts on all your accounts, customized for each.
  • Social advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Increasing your followers and growing your brand.
  • Events, both virtual and in-person.
  • Live streaming.

I have worked with service industry professionals for nearly two decades helping them find the right audience and deliver more long-term customers. This is done in three parts.


Together we identify the areas you prefer to work in and target social media ads to generate more leads. All campaigns are designed to get more people to raise their hand, capture their contact information, and qualify if they are a good fit for your business.


Once potential customers become aware of you, I can develop a flow of ads and posts that encourage them to take action. This could be giving you a call, requesting a quote, or registering to receive more information.


Once prospects have expressed interest, I can develop a steady drip campaign to keep them engaged and turn more of them into customers. 

Line graph in upward trend

Focused on analytics

The most important part in all social media strategies is analytics. No matter what, measuring results need to compare to the goals set at the beginning of the project. Other marketers use vanity metrics such as views and impressions to show results. But it doesn’t matter how many people see an ad. What is most important is how many of them are qualified customers who took action that lead to more sales for your business. 

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